Dialectic is a technique that is ideally suited to painting because it is built on one of the visual arts most dramatic ploys: the contrast. While the justaposition of an object and its apparent opposite (thesis and antithesis) is striking, there is also a quality (synthesis) that naturally combines the two. The concept of synthesis implies there is a shared relationship between the two elements that is every bit as profound as the one that diametrically divides them. When put together, opposites become mutally defining. A North Pole needs a South Pole in order to create a unified field of gravity.

In this suite of paintings, I've played with this dialog of opposition. Many elements that appear in the images reappear in other images, thus creating a dialectic between works as well as within them. This is the tenth series of visual variations I've completed.

Geoff Bent Visual Dialectics oil on canvas
#1 Far From Home
oil on canvas
24" x 24"
Visual Dialectics