Geoff Bent's Writing and Art Resumes



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NEW YORK TIMES, April 23, 2021



Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts 110 Annual Exhibit - HONORABLE MENTION
July 2021

Ann Metzger Memorial National, St. Louis, Mo
June-August 2012

Masks, Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA
October 2011

Rockford Art Museum's 2008 Midwestern Exhibition, Rockford, IL
July-October 2008

47th International Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA
May-June 2004

Too Funny For Words, Artforms Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
February-March 2004

Matrix International '98, Sacramento, CA
November-December 1998

Spiva Biennial '98, Joplin, MO - honorable mention
November-December 1998

New School Academy of Fine Art, Grand Rapids, MI
November 1998

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, CA
October 1997

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, CA
January 1997

15th National, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA
September-October 1996

19th Annual Open, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
June 1996

25th National, Allentown Museum, Allentown, PA
January-March 1996

3rd National Showcase, Alternative Museum, New York, NY
July-August 1995

3rd National, Resurgam Gallery, Baltimore, MD
June 1995

76th National, Museum of Art, Springfield, MA
May 1995

Texas National '95--Leon Golub, Juror
April 1995

Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
June 1994

'93 Regional, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN - 1st Place Medal

51st National, Sioux City, IA
November-December 1992

Wustum Museum, Racine, WI
June-September 1991

ARC GAllery, Chicago, IL
November 1990


90th National Juried Exhibition, OPAL, Oak Park, IL
October 2011

"Highways & Byways", Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY
August-October 2008

Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago, IL
June 2005

Space Gallery, Cleveland, OH
April 2004

3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
August 2002

"Eyes Wide Open,"  SUNY, Buffalo, NY
January 2000

"Chicago Art Scene," Belloc Lowndes Gallery, Chicago, IL
February-March 1999

"Describing a Suspect," Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
January-February 1997

EMU GAllery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
September-October 1996

"Made to Order," Alternative Museum, New York, NY
December 1995-February 1996

Municipal Gallery, Raleigh, NC
July-August 1996

Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL
September-October 1992


Space 237, Toledo, OH
April-June 2011

Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL
January 2008

Bloomingdale Art Museum, Bloomingdale, IL
May-June 2002

University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
January 2001

Red Chair Gallery, Kansas City, MO
June-July 2000

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
January-February 1999

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
February-March 1998

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
February 1997

Space Gallery, Chicago, IL
January 1990

Mars Gallery, Chicago, IL
December 1988

Beverly Art Center, Chicago, IL
September 1982


ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE - issue # 52  July 2023
4 paintings reproduced.

Crow Woods Publishing, 2005
2 paintings reproduced, pages 40-41

CONNECTICUT REVIEW Vol 27, #1  Spring 2004
3 paintings reproduced, pages 101-103

Crow Woods Publishing, 1998
3 paintings reproduced, pages 24-25