If darkness is the absence of light, then nature is the absence of man. So much of the damage humanity has inflicted on nature is the product of self-absorption rather than intentional vandalism. Only the widespread devastation makes it seem the end result of warfare. If it is a war, then it is one nature will win because nature is so much larger than humanity and far more patient. It doesn't endure so much as persist.

I restrict my depiction of this struggle to images of birds, trees, clouds, fences and flowers, showing them as victim and victor. Often basic compositions are repeated to give these images the parity of dialectic.

In the end we find neither justice nor peace; humanity attempts to control nature and nature refuses to be controlled. The resulting armistice is one of failure rather than defeat.

Geoff Bent The War Against Nature oil on canvas
oil on canvas
30" X 40"
The War Against Nature